Elementary School

Mission Statement for Christ Schools
The mission of Christ Schools is to provide a Christ-centered education of academic excellence and care for the whole child that equips them for a lifetime of service to God.
Christ Schools Elementary Philosophy
Christ Schools Elementary provides students with the opportunity for Christian education in a high-quality setting and allows them the opportunity to build up their faith. Students see God in every aspect of their life and have the advantage of Christian teachers to model and lead them in their faith development.
Christ Schools also impacts families by providing opportunities for families to work together in their children's total educational development. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in some aspect of the program, and frequent communication between home and school fosters the reinforcement of what is being taught.
Christ Elementary does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, handicapping condition or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its programs. Our curriculum meets and exceeds the standards set by the Nebraska Department of Education (Rule 14). Financial assistance with tuition is available to qualifying families.



Elementary School Kindergarten - Grade 5
Christ Schools is a ministry of Christ Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE.
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