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In the early 2000's a steering committee of fourteen Christ Lutheran members was formed to begin the study of the process of adding a Lutheran school to Christ Lutheran Church. Through a program called the "Genesis Project” the committee prayed, researched, surveyed, and discussed with congregational members and groups the possibility of starting a school. The project concluded that overwhelming support for a school existed at Christ Lutheran and in April 2002, the congregation voted to proceed with opening an elementary school. Linda Becken was hired as school developer and principal and worked tirelessly towards the opening of Christ Schools Elementary & Child Care in the fall of 2003.
The elementary school opened temporarily in the church basement and the child care in the education wing of the church. Both programs were then housed in a portable classroom building and the education wing from late 2003-2009. In 2008, Christ Lutheran Church began a capital campaign seeking funds to build a permanent structure for education at Christ Schools and Christ Lutheran Church, along with a multi-purpose facility to house a gym and the Room 211 service on Sunday mornings.
In the fall of 2009, Christ Schools Elementary and Child Care moved into the new building and enjoyed a successful school year. The portable school building remained on campus to provide room for the Before and After School program, along with a new Pre-Kindergarten program.
Christ Schools launched a new Half-Day Preschool program in the fall of 2011.  This program serves both three and four-year olds each morning of the week.  
In early 2017, Christ Lutheran Church purchased land in the 70th & Yankee Hill area. Preparation is beginning for this land to eventually be the site of a permanent church for Room 211 South (temporarily located in the gym at Lincoln Christian School). This site will also be home to Christ Lincoln Schools South Child Care and will also serve as a transport and Before & After School location for Elementary Students who attend our Central Campus during the school year.  A building committee has currently put forth a plan for expansion and renovation of our Central Campus. 
In 2018, Christ Schools and Christ Lutheran Church changed their name to Christ Lincoln-A Lutheran Ministry with the school being referred to as Christ Lincoln Schools.  This change was brought about through much work on the vision and future of our congregation & school and reflects our desire to reach our entire community, state, country & world with the saving message of Jesus.  

The Lord has blessed Christ Lincoln Schools with talented leaders and staff since its inception and we pray that it may continue to serve our church members and community well into the future.

Elementary School Kindergarten - Grade 5
Christ Schools is a ministry of Christ Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE.
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