Elementary School

We absolutely love what the teachers and staff at Christ Schools instill into our childrens' hearts every day. They have been brought so close to their God and it has in turn brought my husband and I closer to Christ. We feel so safe and take great comfort in the strong, family-like bond that our children and we as parents have with all of the members of the school. A true Blessing!
Trent & Andrea Chrisman
The greatest strengths of Christ Schools are the teachers, the staff, and the attention they give to the students. The focus on the students is amazing. We are so impressed with the kindergarten staff. The curriculum of Christ Schools seems very "fresh" and is able to keep the attention of the students. It also makes learning fun.
Tom & Debbie Volk
There is so much that I love about Christ Schools, I think that each of the teachers are wonderful! I recently joined my son for lunch and was impressed with how well all of the kids behaved and how they took direction so well. I love the family style of eating and how all the kids are together and not separated by age. Most of all I love the faith-based environment. This is exactly why I sent my son to Christ Schools, so he could learn about the Lord in every day life, not just on Sundays.
Jenifer Lyman
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Elementary School Kindergarten - Grade 5
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