Elementary School

What parents are saying about Christ Lincoln Schools: 
"I love that the kids get to learn and talk about Jesus everyday.  I also love that the teachers really know and care for my child."  
"The Christ centered environment can't be beat.  Values, actions and integrity are a priority. Manners and respect and expected."
"The small school size creates a huge sense of community.  I love that all of the teachers know my child and that my child knows the kids in the other grades.  It's wonderful to have personal relationships with the staff, teachers and other parents."   
"My child is taken care of and surrounded by love each day.  It's very important to have my child grow in an atmosphere that is more than just Christ in name, but shows love from the top down. " 
Elementary School Kindergarten - Grade 5
Christ Schools is a ministry of Christ Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE.
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