Child Care

Toddlers 18 Months - Age 3:
Squirrels & Hummingbirds
There are two rooms for toddlers age 18 months to age 3.
These rooms are named the Squirrels and Hummingbirds.
Squirrel Teachers
Bethany Janssen

402-483-7774 ext. 202

Sarah Gramlich

402-483-7774 ext. 202
Hummingbird Teachers

 Katelynn Piper

402-483-7774 ext. 203
Lacey Gray

402-483-7774 ext. 203
The Toddler Rooms provide a warm learning environment that allow children to explore and discover.  Independence in children is encouraged through creative activities that allow them to use their listening and talking skills, large and small motor skills and help develop their five senses. These goals are achieved through methods such as finger plays, dance, and song. Teachers eat with the children and allow them to serve themselves creating a family type environment. Faith development and learning about Jesus are incorporated into daily activities, projects and games.

More information is available in the Child Care Program Description.
Squirrel Daily Schedule Hummingbird Daily Schedule
Child Care 8 Weeks - 12 Years
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