Elementary School


Parent Council 2016-2017
President: Sarah Plautz 
President-Elect: Elaine Drummer
Secretary:  Bry Schulz
Communication:  Wendy Cole 
Volunteer Coordinator:  Megan Ockander          
Staff Advisors: Mark L'Heureux, Deb Doerr

What is Parent Council??

·         Group of parents with children in Christ Kids Child Care and/or Christ Schools


·         Voting privileges are granted to the elected officers (President, President-elect and Secretary) and a parent who has attended no less than 2 consecutive meetings within a school calendar year or attends meetings on a regular basis (50%).

What does Parent Council do??

·         Plan events to encourage parental involvement

·         Assist and support the faculty and staff

·         Provide input and feedback on the students educational experience

·         Raise funds to provide programs and materials to support Christ Schools

Parent Council Meeting dates:

·         2016 - Sept. 6, Oct. 3, Nov. 7

·         2017 - Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 6, Apr. 3, May 1

·         All meetings are at 6pm in Meeting Space 3 (lower level)


**Please join the Facebook group – Christ Uniform Consign for gently used uniforms**   If you do not have access to Facebook, please contact Lisa Ravndal (forlisa67@hotmail.com) and she will be glad to post for you to purchase and/or sell. 


Elementary School Kindergarten - Grade 5
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