Child Care

Katelynn Piper
Hummingbird Room


Birthday: May 9

Education: I am working towards my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education at SCC.

Personal information:  I have an older brother and 3 younger siblings and live with my dad and step-mom. I originally wanted to be a cosmetologist, but when I started working in a center, realized my true calling.

Here at Christ Schools since: September 2015.  I also volunteered in the Bear room spring 2015.

Contact information: 402-483-7774 ext. 203

Enjoys: I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, singing and Netflix.

Fun Facts: I was adopted by my wonderful parents. I was baptized at 17 years old.

What I love about my position: I love knowing I'm making a difference in young children's lives.

Bible verse with special personal meaning: Psalm 23 ~ When I was in high school, my women's choir sang this Psalm and nearly brought the entire crowd to tears.

Child Care 8 Weeks - 12 Years
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