Child Care

Melissa Klameth

Bunny Room
Birthdate: July 17

Education: Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from SCC-Lincoln

Personal information: I am a Christian, love my family and am blessed by my 3 children.

Here at Christ Schools since: September 2014

Contact information: 402-483-7774 ext.201

Enjoys: I love time with my family as well as picture taking, sketching, cooking, organizing, teaching, growing herbs, wine tasting, art collecting, coffee drinking, swimming, the ocean, dog walking, journaling, traveling, bird watching, sea glass collecting. 

Fun Facts: I have traveled to Europe and lived in Asia.

What I love about my position: I love nurturing children and sharing my love of Christ with them. It is wonderful to see coworkers modeling their strong faith to uplift each other daily.

Bible verse with special personal meaning: Philippians 4:8  Set your thoughts on what is good and right and true. Dwell in the pure and lovely and honourable and live and learn from both my words and actions.

Child Care 8 Weeks - 12 Years
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